Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL)

ICL are micro thin lenses (having power of your spectacles) implanted over the natural lens inside eye to correct spectacle power. It is similar to a contact lens placed in eye except that a contact lens is temporary and has to be put on daily basis whereas ICL input inside the eye permanently.

We use only US-FDA approved Evo Visian ICL manufactured by STAAR Surgicals (USA). ICL is made in Switzerland and the order for the lens is placed as per measurements of eye.

ICL is of two types:

  1. ICL Spherical – Which corrects only Spherical power of glasses
  2. ICL Toric – Which corrects both Spherical and Cylinder power of eye

EVO Visian ICL

Advantages of ICL

Wider range of correction -1 to -20 and +1 to +10

Can be carried out in people unfit for LASIK - Thin Cornea, High Numbers etc

No Dry Eyes


NO Tissue Removal

UV Protection