You book a phone appointment by calling us on +919825878333 or you can visit us directly to get an appointment.

Approximately, it takes about 1-2 hours (to finish any tests if required and see the doctor). Depending on your eye condition, some appointments may take less time but we want you to be prepared.

Our timings are as below

10 AM to 6.30 PM – Monday to Friday

10 AM to 01:00 PM Saturday

Closed – Sunday

Yes. There is enough parking space available for a bike or a car.

We accept a variety of payment methods including cash, card, wallet and UPI.

Yes, we have enough waiting space in the waiting to accommodate more than 20 patients at once.

It is recommended that you bring previous health records if you have for a better diagnosis of your diseases.

We have our own pharmacy cum optician store within the hospital premises itself.

Yes all the necessary COVID protocols like social distancing, wearing masks inside hospital premises and sanitization are being followed to adhere maximum safety standards.

Detailed eye examination by Eye doctor should be done every six months. Computerized eyes checkup done at various optical shops is not comprehensive eye checkup.

No, there is no evidence that working at a computer damages the eyes. However, long hours of work can be fatiguing to the eyes, neck and back. Monitor glare from various light sources can also be a problem. It is often helpful to take periodic breaks, looking off in the distance and adjusting your work station (angle of the monitor, height of the chair, changing the lighting, etc.).

Yes you can get your eye number checked at our hospital with our latest and best equipment and technology.